my background...

Pawel Kieltyka

Agile Trainer, Coach, Consultant & Founder

"I am a big fan of vauable software - done means really well done, not partly working. I treat software development as craftsmanship - for me it is a kind of art. With my experience, I support ambitious companies which want to change the culture of their organization. I strongly believe that the key to success is to provide teams conditions to create useful and reliable software. However, the greatest art is to create an environment that is not an obstacle for people, but it gives them motivation, autonomy, creativity and a sense of purpose."

My experience

  • I've got over 10 years of experience working with agile methodologies
  • I helped several small, medium and large companies change their work culture to start creating more valuable software for their clients
  • I've got knowledge and experience when it comes to the most popular Agile frameworks - Scrum, Kanban, XP
  • I worked with people with different experience - from junior developers to management and from different cultures (Poland, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, China, India, USA)
  • I taught self-organization teams working in one place and also relocated, which numbered from 3 to even 30 people
  • I supported processes of creating software used in various industries (banking, retail, mail, telecommunications)
  • I participated in the creation of Enterprise-class products used by millions of people around the world
  • I've got experience in programming - my career has started as Software Developer and I'm still coding in my spare time

Why me?

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